Andy Gregory (2)

Andy Gregory chooses a Widnes Dream Team from his time at the club…

“I’ve picked players I played alongside. There’s Reg Bowden, Jonathan Davies, Kurt Sorensen and many more Widnes greats…but I didn’t play alongside them!”

1. Mick Burke
He was one of the most talented players that I played with. He had absolutely tremendous skills.

2. Stuart Wright
Probably one of the best three wingers that I played with. Could have been first, second or third, I can’t decide. Had so much pace. I also saw him scoring tries for Widnes and Great Britain that took a lot of bravery, putting his head in places I wouldn’t have!

3. Eddie Cunningham
Welsh international. I remember him scoring five tries in one Challenge Cup game. He was a big robust lad with tremendous pace.

4. Eric Hughes
Quiet fella, so everyone said! He had guile and skill to take people on. I remember the try he scored at Wembley when he took the Hull defence on the outside and scored a brilliant try. He wouldn’t have let anyone down anywhere.

5. Joe Lydon
What can you say about Joe? Those two tries at Wembley when he went the length of the field and won the Lance Todd Trophy summed him up.

6. Tony Myler
Through no fault of his, I don’t think anyone saw the true Tony Myler. They saw glimpses. He was a genius. He was a tall lad with great vision, great hands and pace. He was a tough lad too. If he could have stayed fit then I’m sure we’d have had a far greater chance of lifting the Ashes. The Australians really rated him.

7. Andy Gregory
He was alright…!

8. Kevin Tamati
He made a shaky start to his Widnes career but he came through it. To be an international at any level you’ve got to have something and he was a tremendous asset to the Widnes club.

9. Keith Elwell
Never missed a game. Got winning pay all the time but would never got a round in! A brilliant servant to Widnes.

10. Brian Lockwood
A player I admired as a youngster. People thought he might have lacked a bit of pace. Lockwood had such a rugby brain and skills. He taught me a lot about the timing of a pass and picking the right pass out and I was already an international player when he came to the club. He was a tremendous number ten for us.

11. Les Gorley
Would never let anybody down. Gave 100% all the time. He’d travel down for every training session and go back late every night. Cracking company off the field. On it he was a star. I’d pick him out running out wide. Sometimes my passes went a bit astray and they’d hit him on the head…I’d simply claim they were for someone else! One of the best players to come out of Cumbria.

12. Mike O’Neill
I toured with him in Australia and played at Wembley with him. He was versatile and could have played in the front row. Fit lad. Always gave 100% as well. Not the best hands in the world but when we had to go to places and tough it out he was up there.

13. Mick Adams
An absolute gentleman on and off the field. A born leader. His skills with the ball and his ability to put people through gaps were great. At first I’d say, “Mick get out of the way. I’ll put people through gaps!” One thing I remember is that he’d come in for some stick on the field and he’d take bangs that other players would react to. But he was tough and Mick Adams would never show the opposition that he’d copped a good ’un. He’d not say a word, just get on with his game and next time he’d get the ball he’d create a gap for someone. One of the best players I’ve ever played with.


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